T8 Touch & Dali Dimm

Product Description
  • Flat, lightweight high-frequency electronic regulating ballast, using DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) or Touch and Dim pushbutton protocol for TL-D fluorescent lamps
    Features and Benefits
  • Lamp power can be regulated from 1% to 100%
  • Flat ballast design, 21 mm high
  • Digital control input according to the industry-standard DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) combined with the Touch and Dim pushbutton protocol
  • Increased lamp wire flexibility thanks to the Parasitic Capacitance Compensation (longer lamp wiring possible up to 2 m
  • Protected against excessive mains voltages, incorrect connections and incorrect lamp use
  • Striation-free operation, no stroboscopic effect
  • Lamp starts at 1% (DALI 1%..100% in 250 ms, from 100%..1% in 100ms
  • Automatic stop circuit is activated within 5 s in case of lamp failure (safety stop)
  • Ballast resets automatically after lamp replacement
  • Equipped with WAGO 251 connectors suitable for automatic wiring machine
  • Up to 75% reduction in energy consumption by using automatic lighting control systems (e.g. Philips ActiLume luminaire-based system solutions)
  • Quick programmed start: 0.5 s, flicker-free warm start by preheating the lamp electrodes enables lamps to be switched on and off without reducing useful life. Ideal for areas with a high switching frequency and where presence detection requires immediate start
  • Low energy consumption in standby 0.35 W due to new EII technology
  • Smart power ensures constant light, independent of mains voltage fluctuations
  • EII-dim technology: a dedicated IC for independent control of each electrode
  • lamp life is unaffected by dimming level
  • stable lamp burning at every dimming level
  • maximum energy savings in dimmed operation
  • Offices requiring simple, easy-to-install dimming or personal light level adjustment, e.g. with ActiLume
  • DALI installations with daylight linking and/or movement detection (for energy savings)
  • DALI installations with remote control systems (combining energy savings with comfort)
  • Installations with emergency back-up, according to IEC 60598-2-22
  • Philips EVG HF-Regulator EII Touch and DALI 1x36 Watt TL-D
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    Philips EVG HF-Regulator EII Touch and DALI 1x36 Watt TL-D

    Manufacturer: Philips
    Item number: 90967130
    Delivery time 3 - 5 days Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

    HF-Regulator TD 136 TL-D EII 220-240V ...

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