Vadsbo Dimmer - The most universal dimmers on the market

The company developed in the early 1990s a transformer design that was extended with a series of protection transformers which were patented. Today Vadsbo Transformatorer AB develops, manufactures and markets power supplies and power control products for lighting purposes under the brand Vadsbo LightTech to electrical wholesalers. Under the brand Vadsbo Kraft: transformatorer, switching power supplies, battery chargers, etc. are marketed to the industry and electrical wholesalers.

The objective of the company's activities is to develop, manufacture and sell products for power generation, power supply and power control characterized by:

1. high efficiency high conversion quality (security, stability, etc.)
2. minimal interference effects (EMC, environmental) 
3. good control properties (line, load, steering,dimming etc)
4. good interface to other technologies in terms of connections, assembly, control, etc.
5. usability
6. affordability

Universal push button dimmer

Universal push button dimmer

Manufacturer: Waldmann
Item number: V-40100IB

UD100 for 1-100W
LD220 for 1-200W
LD440 for 1-440W

Universal rotary dimmer

Universal rotary dimmer

Manufacturer: Waldmann
Item number: V-4020020-0

VD200 for 1-200W
VD600 for 10-600W

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